Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products safe?

When Product Label instructions and SDS are followed, granular herbicides may be handled safely, herbicide drift is reduced, and less exposure to skin is offered than liquid treatments. Granular herbicides are non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-volatile. Also, every product carries a CAUTION signal word.

What is an Integrated Vegetation Management Program?

A system of managing plant communities in which:

  • Objectives are set.
  • Compatible and incompatible vegetation are identified.
  • Action thresholds are considered.
  • The most appropriate control method or methods to achieve objectives are evaluated, selected, and implemented.

Choice of control method(s) is based on environmental impact and anticipated effectiveness, site characteristics, security, economics, and land use requirements, as well as other possible factors.

Who uses SSI Maxim granular herbicides?

SSI Maxim’s line of bareground granular herbicide products provides cost-effective vegetation control for utilities, railroads, military and governmental agencies, non-crop farmsteads, and a wide range of industrial companies. 

Where are granular herbicides used?

Bareground granular herbicides are used in areas where complete control of vegetation is required. Bareground granular herbicides have proven effective for weed and brush control in industrial (electrical, utilities, compressor stations, battery boxes, railyards, tracks, airports, and gas and oil plants), as well as any other non-crop farmsteads. 

How are your products used?

A bareground granular herbicide is ready-to-use and applied dry. It requires no mixing, and natural rainfall activates the herbicide. In the event of low rainfall or drought for an extended period of time, the application site may be watered if so desired.

All herbicides should be used according to product label. Visit Product Information for details on individual herbicide products.

Read and follow label directions prior to application. Always use herbicides at recommended rates for effective control.