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Transformer 5G

Transformer 5G is the herbicide designed for utilities. It is the premiere granular, RTU, soil active herbicide for controlling woody species and vines on utility rights-of-way. The unique combination of two proven active ingredients make it unparalleled for residual control of brush and vines.

Application Information Guide for Transformer 5G

Arsenal 5G

With an application rate of 30 pounds per acre, ARSENAL® 5G is a low-use product effective in the spot treatment of problem areas around poles, tower legs, fireplugs and pipeline markers. ARSENAL® 5G can also be used to prevent regrowth after hand-cutting brush and vines. Arsenal 5G is labeled for use in riparian areas; making it a powerful tool for these tough to treat areas.

Arsenal 0.5G

A quick solution for facilities under application constraints, ARSENAL® 0.5G contains only 0.5% imazapyr yet provides effective vegetation control for several months. This bareground granular herbicide is effective on most grass species. Application rate is 0.5 lb. to 0.67 lb. per 100 square feet. Arsenal 0.5G is labeled for use in riparian areas, making it a great option in these difficult areas.

SpraKil SK-13

SpraKil SK-13 can be used for effective season-long treatment of a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses. With an application rate of 0.35 lb. to 0.92 lb. per 100 square feet, SpraKil SK-13 contains the active ingredients of 1% tebuthiuron and 3% diuron and is great for weed control on military installations, petroleum tank farms, airports, and other non-crop areas.

SpraKil SK-26

For a stronger, harder-hitting treatment of vegetation control, SpraKil SK-26 doubles the dose of SK-13. Ideal for areas with long seasons of vegetation growth. SpraKil SK-26 helps control grasses, broadleaf weeds, brush and vines. Application rate is 0.25 lb. to 0.46 lb. per 100 square feet.

SpraKil S-5

For woody vegetation, SpraKil S-5 brush control granules contain 5% tebuthiuron and has low mammalian toxicity. It is non-corrosive to skin, eyes, and metals making it an excellent choice for use along fence rows, utility poles and tower legs. Great for spot treating individual plants. Application rate is 1.5 oz. to 4.4 oz. per 100 square feet.

Topsite 2.5G

TOPSITE™ 2.5G is a single application herbicide that effectively kills mature vegetation. Perfect for treating rights-of-way, non-cropland farmsteads and petroleum-related facilities, TOPSITE™ 2.5G provides a long-term solution for bareground vegetation control. Application rate is 0.45 lb. to 0.67 lb. per 100 square feet.

Weed Blast 4-G

With active ingredients of 2% diuron and 2% bromacil, Weed Blast 4-G provides season-long vegetation control as both a pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide. Application rate is 0.5 lb. to 0.92 lb. per 100 square feet.

Weed Blast 8-G

Weed Blast 8-G provides exceptional, broad-spectrum weed control for industrial bareground applications. It excels in pre- and post-emergence control of herbaceous perennials and annuals, as well as woody brush and vine species. Application rate: 0.25-0.5 lb. per 100 sq. ft.

Read and follow label directions prior to application. Always use herbicides at recommended rates for effective control.