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SSI Maxim is your source for cost-effective, ready-to-use bareground granular herbicides, backed by solid customer service and support. A vital part of any Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) program, our comprehensive line of granular herbicides is used by utilities, railroads, industries, and non-crop farmsteads to protect assets, improve land stewardship, and increase productivity.

Our Products are Efficient

Make bareground granular herbicides from SSI Maxim a part of your complete Integrated Vegetation Management program. Our granular herbicide treatments are long-lasting, offering season-long control, and are easy to apply. No mixing is required, and the product is ready to apply when you are, so you save time and money getting on and off your work areas quickly and cleanly. SSI Maxim’s ready-to-use granular herbicides also eliminate the need to haul water or liquid product to and from hard-to-access or distant sites. 

Responsible and Effective Brush and Vegetation Control

When it comes to asset management and land maintenance, it’s all about controlling vegetation responsibly. SSI Maxim’s tough line-up of bareground granular herbicides does just that. At SSI Maxim, we believe in being good stewards of our environment and protecting our natural resources.

Safety Features

Since SSI Maxim’s line of ready-to-use, granular herbicides are not sprayed as a liquid, the risk of drift is very minimal. There are no water droplets to be windblown, which could potentially cause off-site drift damage to nearby desirable vegetation or crops.