Responsible and Effective Brush and Vegetation Control

When it comes to asset management and land maintenance, it’s all about controlling vegetation responsibly. SSI Maxim’s tough line-up of bareground granular herbicides does just that. At SSI Maxim, we believe in being good stewards of our environment and protecting our natural resources.

We also know that environmental stewardship is demanded by our customers; while at the same time protecting their infrastructure and utility assets from the kinds of weed and brush infestation that can lead to costly damage and human safety hazards, such as fire and power outages.

All of SSI Maxim’s herbicides are registered by the EPA and carry only a CAUTION signal word (most likely the same signal word on the label of the dishwasher detergent under your sink at home), indicating the lowest health risk category by the EPA.

Safety Features

Since SSI Maxim’s line of ready-to-use, granular herbicides are not sprayed as a liquid, the risk of drift is very minimal. There are no water droplets to be windblown, which could potentially cause off-site drift damage to nearby desirable vegetation or crops.

Electrical substations and high-voltage areas can be very dangerous places. So, a major benefit of SSI Maxim’s granular herbicides is that no water is used in these areas. With a spray application, there is always the potential for electrical arcing to occur with high-voltage equipment should water be sprayed too close, a hose bursts, or a metal spray gun is used. The resulting injuries, or even loss of life, would be tragic.

All of our granular herbicides are non-corrosive to eyes, skin, and metals. This is particularly important for applicators, utilities, and other industries with metal equipment that could be damaged by corrosion.

We care great about the environment and human safety, and when all of our products are used correctly, they pose very little health risk to humans, wildlife, pets, or livestock.

  • Less Dermal Exposure
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Volatile
  • CAUTION Signal Word